Do E cigarettes Cause Pneumonia?

shutterstock_116942428Electronic cigs were developed with the vision to present a healthy mode of smoking to public. Many people like to smoke cigs and this newer way is much preferred method of smoking. The most vital reason for popularity of the e cig is that they do not contain any amounts of tobacco. This means they eliminate most of the hazards that are caused by the traditional method of smoking which is use of burnt tobacco. Electronic cigs do not produce any smoke but they generate vapors. They contain vapors that are inhaled in to the lungs. These are preferred over traditional cigs and do not cause health issues as that of traditional ones. However, there are some concerns about them causing diseases like pneumonia etc.

E Cigs And Related Health Concerns

There are many theories stated and studies initiated to know the long term effects of e cigs. There are also evaluations performed to understand if there are any direct health concerns caused by the e cigs. However, there no major health concerns evidently known to be caused by use of these cigs. This type of modern cig produces vapors. These vapors are of nicotine liquid that is present in the cartridge. Certain diseases that have been cited in some study reports etc. are mentioned below.

  • They may cause broadening of lung airways. These air spaces play an important role during respiration process. These can prove harmful to those who have asthma or any other respiratory diseases.
  • There is one report which stated that a patient did suffer lipoid pneumonia which would be probably due to use of these cigs. However, detail information for cause of these diseases is not yet confirmed.
  • They can cause irritation or uneasy feeling to the throat while inhalation as vapor is thick and warm. It does feel same as that of the traditional smoke cig.
  • These new innovation may attract many young non-smokers to habit of smoking. This is one of the major concerns towards the public health in general.

There are few diseases which may be an effect of e cig but there is limited information known to back these potential threats.

What Is Lipoid Pneumonia?

There is no confirmed evidence yet to state that these e cigs can cause pneumonia. However, a disease called lipoid pneumonia can be potentially caused with inhalation of these cigs. These disease is normally cause by inhalation of oily or lipoids in the lungs. The e liquid contains poly glycols, aldehyde etc. which are lipophilic substances which can potentially lead to lipoid pneumonia. However, there are very limited cases known to suffer this type of pneumonia due to use of e cig.

It cannot be fully claimed that e cig cause pneumonia. There are certain things that shall be taken as precautionary measure to eliminate these types of threats. These include use of quality products which are well labeled and state the contents accurately. Use good quality cigs which deliver uniform vapor in to the lungs and frequency of puff must be controlled.

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